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ITNRacineCounty video explains the service they provide

Our mission is to provide a quality transportation service for seniors and adults with visual impairment.

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Opening more than car doors in Racine Wisconsin

ITNRacineCounty offers rides to seniors and the visually impaired within Racine, Wisconsin.

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Volunteer in Racine Wisconsin, driving seniors and people with visual impairment

Help seniors to keep their independence, while earning ride credits for yourself or a loved one.

Volunteer with ITNRacineCounty

Donate and help ITNRacineCounty deliver rides to seniors

With your support, we can help families stay connected and friendships endure.

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Volunteer Driver of the Month

The February incentive winners were Dave Durment, Denise Anastasio, Joan Sikorski, and Ron Thieme. All four of these volunteers went way above and beyond with extra help with rides in February and were each given a gift card for a restaurant. Thank you for being volunteer drivers for ITNRacineCounty!!


Characteristics of ITNRacineCounty service:

  1. Arm-through-arm, door-through-door dignified transportation
  2. Affordable fares: $1.50 per mile $4 pick-up fee
  3. No money exchanged in the vehicle
  4. Tips not accepted


Volunteer at ITNRacineCounty and receive the following benefits:

  1. Make a difference in someone’s life
  2. See the face and hear the voice of the person you are helping
  3. Meet other community-minded people
  4. Learn community history from the people who lived it

Unique rider stories

- Betty Alford

ITNRacineCounty is part of a national network, and a proud affiliate of ITNAmerica. Learn more.

Regeneron and ITNAmerica

ITNAmerica is proud to recognize Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a corporate sponsor committed to helping raise awareness of the challenges associated with vision impairment, low vision, senior mobility issues and the shortage of locally-available transportation options for seniors. As the National Pharmaceutical Eye-care Services Sponsor for ITNAmerica and our affiliate communities, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is proud to support ITN's mission to promote safe senior mobility. Visit Regeneron at

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